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Bambino External CS:GO

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Bambino External


NOTE: 64-bit OS only ( x64 ). We don't support insider preview version of Windows 10, cheat may not work on insider preview versions!


Bambino for CS:GO: Undetected



  • Aimbot: (Silent aim, smoothing, update time, horizontal range, vertical range, target selection, visibility check, air check + settings with bones(enemies body parts settings), field of views (fov) and keys)
  • Sound ESP: (Distance/range, proximity/crosshair)
  • Radar: (Alive only)
  • RCS: (Horizontal power, vertical power, update time)
  • Misc: (Hide console, sound alerts, faceit mode)
  • Battle Royal Mode: (Battle royal/regular csgo)
  • Standalone RCS
  • Custom hitboxes (closest to crosshair, head, neck, chest, stomach)
  • Customizable FOV
  • Customizable Smoothing
  • Custom aim keys


Cheat support anty-cheats like a:




FACEIT (without anty-cheat!)


Payments information:

We accept payments via: PayPal, BTC, Bank Transfer!




Showcase features:






Instruction after purchase:


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