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All this modern technology just makes people try to do everything at once.



All this modern technology just makes people try to do everything at once.



All this modern technology just makes people try to do everything at once.



All this modern technology just makes people try to do everything at once.



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  2. All you have to do is evaluate my project and leave feedback in the EPVP. If you do this, I ask you for an epvp profile to check if you have completed the tasks.
  3. Update 16.11.2019 New features have been added such as; wh, knifebot and skin changer.
  4. [ MISC ] – Added support for displaying Berlin 2019 Minor play-off matches in-game. – Fixed the events lister showing two rows for events that were both favorited and featured. – Adjusted HE grenade collision hull to reduce rolling when dropped. [ MAPS ] Workout – Retextured the pool area so its a lot brighter – Made movement in the pool area smoother – Pushed the hostage rescue zone further forward – Added CT sided cover to the basketball court – Made the entire kids zone area much brighter – Updated some textures and meshes throughout the map – Due to customer complaints, homebrew coffee have added some bins – Stopped players being able to slide up the horse at T side stadium entrance – Fixed mesh clipping issue at the ice cream stand Ruby – Overall layout tweaks. Dust 2 – The anniversary celebration has ended.
  5. Dzięki za opinie cieszę się ze Ci się podoba
  6. https://accgen.cathook.club/
  7. [MATCHMAKING] – Ruby has been added to official competitive matchmaking. – Zoo has been removed from official competitive matchmaking. – Players will now be limited to a single cooldown level for abusively kicking teammates even if they vote kick multiple teammates in the same match. [DANGER ZONE] – Radar Jammer price reduced to $1,250. – Slightly reduced the size of Ballistic Shield window. – During warmup players start parachuting from greater height. – Buy menu availability hints will no longer show during warmup. [MISC] – Optimized map loading process by using ambient lighting data included in newly built maps. – Removed a development command for adjusting sound parameters. – Updated radar maps for Vertigo. – Stability improvements in decal rendering. [MAPS] Ruby – Fixed tram bug – Minor overall changes
  8. Small update [GAMEPLAY] – Smoke, HE Grenade explosions, and fire are now always displayed consistently between all players.
  9. [ DANGER ZONE ] – Blacksite and Sirocco are now both available in official Danger Zone matchmaking as a time-based map rotation. – Radar jammers block drone pilots with static interference while the jammer is active. – Drones fly slower when carrying paradrop crates. – Armor starting equipment option will now give both armor and helmet. [ MISC ] – Updated SDR libraries to the latest version. – Restricted start of client-side demo recording on dedicated servers to warmup and freezetime. [ MAPS ] Vertigo: – Changed Wingman version to use bombsite A. – Bombsite A changes: – Pushed back cover on site. – Tightened final ramp up to site. – Moved position of crane slightly, made area around it accessible. – Shortened wood fence, letting CTs more easily control ramp or drop down. – Moved scaffolding in back of A forward towards the wall. – Added self-boost onto concrete formwork on A site. Sirocco: – Added missing collisions to various door/window frame models. – Fixed another player stuck spot.
  10. Przykład Pobieramy https://transferxl.com/08QfRyDRHqtJT po wypakowaniu klikamy Launcher Wybierz język w ustawieniach następnie wybierz tapetę. Jeśli chcesz wgrać inny styl wejdź w folder project i myproject.
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